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It's time to clean out your closet? We have a good news for you. Now you can actually get paid to get rid of some of your stuff. Bring your clothes, belts, shoes or handbags. Cash For Clothes shops will help you with it. We are one of the larger clothes recycling outfits in the UK. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a first class service.

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We are an ever expanding business and thrive on our fantastic customer service skills. We have around forty shops in the England area that the public can use to drop off their unwanted items in exchange for cash. Although we do not offer a door to door collection in this area at the moment, we do offer great services for schools, charities, clubs, churches and care homes. We can set up regular collections or place textile bins on site and regularly collect from these places to ensure a regular income for you. All items collected are brought to our warehouses where our staff grade the items and pack them for shipment to countries such as Africa, Iran and Iraq among many more.

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All items must be dry and clean. If you have any questions, ask the store service...

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The UK public discard millions of garments, clothes, shoes, handbags and household textiles each year.

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here are many great reasons why clothing banks benefit the environment and to society.

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A comprehensive collection service is currently being built to service charity shops based in the UK.

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Cash 4 Clothes England are committed fundraisers, supporting charities in England and the UK. We raise money for the charities we work with and send royalties on a monthly basis.

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We also do a bag scheme for those schools/colleges/universities that cannot accommodate textile banks.

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Cash4Clothes exports used clothing around the world. We have many years of experience collecting used clothes. This allows us to offer many different items.

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We have around forty shops in the England area that the public can use to drop off their unwanted items in exchange for cash.

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